There is a wealth of information available in various languages on ageing in general and fall prevention in particular,. In this section reference is only made to key documents we are aware of and that we recommend to readers. These may provide also access to other relevant reports and information materials.

World Health Organisation

WHO Global Report on Falls Prevention in Older Age (2007)
Download report here

Cochrane reviews

Preventing falls in older people living in the community (2012)
Abstract and document options here

Preventing falls in older people in aged residential care and hospitals (2012)
Abstract and document options here

UK Clinical Guideline: assessment and prevention of falls in older people (2013)
The best option for reading the recommendations is here, and there’s also a useful interactive overview in the pathway here. Download the full guidelines here.

USA/UK Geriatrics Society Clinical Practice Guideline: Prevention of Falls in Older Persons (2010)
There are three options for reading a summary of recommendations: online, PDF, or the annotated algorithm under the heading ‘Screening and Assessment’.

Australia: Preventing Falls and Harm From Falls in Older People - Best Practice Guidelines for Australian Hospitals (2009).
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Falls & Related Injuries among Older Canadians: Fall‐related Hospitalizations & Intervention Initiatives. Prepared on behalf of the Public Health Agency of Canada (2010).
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Other reviews

A systematic review of older people's perceptions of facilitators and barriers to participation in falls-prevention interventions. View PDF here

Inpatient fall prevention programs as a patient safety strategy.
View PDF here

Preventing falls and fall-related injuries in hospitals.
View PDF here

Slips trips and falls in hospital (UK-National Patient Safety Agency).
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EuroSafe/ CSI Reviews on topical issues
Multifactorial intervention on falls in elderly population
Review date: 17/11/2009
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Withdrawal of medication reducing falls in elderly people
Review date: 05/11/2009
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Population-based interventions for the prevention of fall-related injuries in elderly people
Review date: 16/10/2009
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Exercise for the prevention of falls in elderly people
Review date: 17/11/2008
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Prevention of falls in elderly with poor vision
Review date: 18/04/2008
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Home and environmental intervention and the reduction of falls in high risk elderly
Review date: 20/06/2007
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Hip protectors to reduce hip fractures
Review date: 21/02/2007
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