Special EC guidance documents to help stakeholders to apply the General Product Safety Directive to many areas where specific sector legislation exists:

Guidance document (1st chapter)  with Annex  
Toys Directive, Directives on low voltage equipment (LVD), on personal protective equipment (PPE), and on cosmetic products.

Guidance document (2nd chapter)
Directives on medical devices, on construction products, on machinery, on medicinal products and on motor vehicles.

Guidance document on relationship between GPSD and the horizontal rules on market surveillance .

Guidance documents from the Expert Group on Toy Safety, i.e. non-binding documents intended to provide guidelines in order to help Member States and stakeholders on interpretation issues related to the Toy Safety Directive. These documents express the views of the majority of Members in the Expert Group on Toys Safety.

The future of market surveillance in the area of non-food consumer product safety under the General Product Safety Directive, report produced by BSI (EC, 2011)

Best Practice in Market Surveillance, guidebook by ProSafe 2011

Corrective Action Guide, guide published by PROSAFE (update 2013) on how corrective actions are proposed to be done by the economic operators.