Our mission

EuroSafe’s mission is to prevent home and leisure accidents by working in partnership with industry, governments, research institutes and health and safety practitioners to help reduce the greatest risks.

Supported by its members, EuroSafe exists to promote:

  • Better sharing of resources: To organise the exchange of injury data and successful practices in prevention and to develop partnerships for joint projects.
  • Better policies: To raise political awareness as to the impact of home and leisure accidents and to mainstream the injury prevention in a coherent manner within European policy agenda’s and programmes.
  • Focused actions on injury prevention priorities in Europe: To establish purpose driven networks to ensure on-going development, implementation and evaluation of efforts in view of enhancing consumer safety.

Our main focus is to promote the safety of Europe’s citizens by enhancing the safety of products and services that are available on the European market, to raise awareness amongst professionals, as well as the general public, of injury risks at home and in leisure and offer cost effective measures to prevent these injuries.

EuroSafe aims to ensure the highest achievable levels of safety across the entire European region and to decrease current inequalities in injuries between countries by promoting consistent policies, programmes and infrastructures throughout Europe.

Our motto is ‘Working together to make Europe a safer place'