Eurosafe's Executive Board


The Executive Board currently consists of five members:

Mr Errol Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Royal Society for the Prevention of accidents (RoSPA). Chairman of the Executive Board since April 2014.

Errol Taylor photo

Mrs. Eva Jakobson Vaagland, Managing Director, Norwegian Safety Forum. Member of the Executive Board since 14 November 2013.

Eva Vaagland Photo

Mr Gerald Furian, Project Manager, International Relations at the Austrian Road Safety Board. Member of the Executive Board since 5 April 2017.

A photograph of Gerald Furian

Mrs Birgitte Blatter, Manager Monitoring & Research, Consumer Safety Institute in Amsterdam. Member of the Executive Board since 19 April 2018.

A photograph of Birgitte Blatter

Mr Dritan Bejko, Researcher, Luxembourg Institute of Health, Luxembourg. Member of the Executive Board since 2 April 2019.

Dritan Bejko

Honorary members of EuroSafe:

Mr. Phil Buckle, Past Director General, Electrical Safety First. Past General Secretary of EuroSafe since November 2014.

Phil Buckle photo

Mrs. Brigitte Buhmann, Director, Swiss Accident Prevention Council, Bern. Past Chair of Executive Board EuroSafe.

Brigitte Buhmann Photo

Mr. Ron Gainsford, past Chief Executive, Trading Standards Institute UK. Past member of the Executive Board EuroSafe.

Ron Gainsford photo

Mr. Rupert Kisser, past Director, Sicher Leben, Vienna. Past Chairman of the Executive Board EuroSafe.

Rupert Kisser photo

Mr. Wim Rogmans, past Director General, Consumer Safety Institute, Amsterdam. Past Secretary General of EuroSafe.

Wim Rogmans photo


The Secretariat is responsible for:

  • Strategy development involving the major experts and stakeholders concerned.
  • Maintaining the business cycle of annual updates and progress reports of EuroSafe activities and actions.
  • Disseminating good practices identified through the various EuroSafe networks.
  • The communication of policy developments, funding opportunities, professional resources, methodologies, coordination and advocacy actions, etc. through website, newsletters, journals, conferences, seminars, guidelines etc.

EuroSafe is registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (# 40536942) at postal address:

c/o VeiligheidNL

Overschiestraat 65

1062XD Amsterdam