Aims & Network

Over the past few years a series of projects have been initiated by EuroSafe with the support of the European Commission to improve national infrastructures and enhance injury data collection at accident and emergency departments at hospitals. This led to the creation of the European Injury Data Base EU-IDB and the network of IDB-data collecting countries.

You can see a map of member organisations at the bottom of this page.

IDB network

Almost all member states’ governments, i.e. their Ministries of Health, have designated an internal unit or an affiliated agency with the task of exploring the possibilities of enhanced national injury surveillance efforts and to participate in EU level exchange. These designated centres are the data owners and represent their country in the EU Network of National Data Administrators (NDAs) for the IDB exchange.

The IDB Network members share their data and provide quality-checked data to the Community database; develop harmonised guidelines and tools for data collection, data handling and processing; and contribute to a multidisciplinary exchange of experiences in data collection, processing and analysis.

The IDB is managed by the network of NDAs with EuroSafe as co-ordinating body and organiser of the regular IDB Network meetings. The network operates under a set of house rules and decides on standards related to the data exchange, such as the revision of classification and quality control requirements and conditions for data access.

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