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EuroSafe, the European Association for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, is the network of injury prevention champions dedicated to making Europe a safer place.

Injuries in the European Union – issue 2014
At the occasion of the International Product Safety Week hosted by the European Commission in Brussels between 16 - 20 June 2014, EuroSafe launched the latest edition of ‘Injuries in the European Union - issue 2014’.

The report reveals that an annual average of 41 million people within the EU need hospital treatment and 238.000 people die as a result of an injury event (3). Three-quarter of the injuries reported to hospitals are due to home and leisure accidents, particular affecting children and older people.

There are great differences between countries in the number of fatal and hospital treated accidental injuries per 100.000 inhabitants. This indicates that there exists ample opportunities for rolling out across the entire EU-region measures that proved to be effective in places that now report lower than average injury rates. read more...
EUPHA/EuroSafe Conference calls for action to make EU-injury data exchange sustainable
Participants at the conference that EuroSafe and the European Public Health Association organised Brussels 13 November 2013 called for continued investments by EC and EU-Member States to ensure sustainability of current EU-Injury Database (IDB).

The conference clearly demonstrated the value of injury information from hospital based emergency departments, both for health promotion policies and actions and for regulating and enforcing consumer product safety. The Summary Report on the conference is now available.

However, the current Joint Action on Injury Monitoring in Europe (JAMIE) will come to an end by mid 2014. If no immediate actions are taken by the European Commission and the EU-Member States it will soon be too late to preserve the benefits of the existing system and the capacities and infrastructures that have been built up in countries over the past few years. read more...

on the prevention of injury and safety promotion

Alert Vol.9 issue 3 November 2014