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EuroSafe, the European Association for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, is the network of injury prevention champions dedicated to making Europe a safer place.

EuroSafe Seminar on Child Injury Prevention: Milan 14 October 2015 - Call for registration
EuroSafe is organising In Milan, Wednesday 14 October 2015, its annual conference around the important issue of child injury prevention in collaboration with the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) and the European Child Safety Alliance.

The Seminar Programme is now available on-line and registration through EUPHA conference website is open. If you wish to attend only the pre-conference, but not the main conference, please use the online EUPHA-main conference registration service and click: 'pre-conference only' to register.
EU Injury Surveillance Network calls for an EU-injury data exchange agreement
On December 4-5, the EU-Network of National data administrators in injury surveillance met in Potsdam for its 9th annual meeting. The meeting reviewed the results of the Joint Action on Injury Monitoring in Europe (JAMIE) in countries and discussed progress of work in making injury data gathering and exchange more sustainable.

Given the proven feasibility of injury data collection in emergency departments, participants advised the European Commission to initiate a binding arrangement for all member states and associated countries to deliver hospital based injury data on a regular base. Such data exchange is essential for identifying priorities in health promotion and consumer protection policies in countries and for bench marking progress in programmes and measures taken in member states. read more...
Active ageing in Europe through falls prevention
On the International Day of Older People, 1st of October 2015, EuroSafe launches together with 17 European organisations of professionals in health and social care, a joint commitment to promote active ageing through falls prevention. In a joint action plan these organisations state that evidence shows that falls should no longer be considered an inevitable part of ageing.

Falls are one of the major health threats in older age. One-third of people over the age of 65 who live in the community fall each year. Falls are also significant cause of premature death, long term hospitalisation and disability.

Although there is strong evidence for the effectiveness of fall-prevention, only a few regions in Europe have consistent and wide implementation of validated interventions. Through a joint action plan the Alliance of 17 European associations want to raise fall awareness among professionals working with older adults. read more...

on the prevention of injury and safety promotion

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